Quality and Ethics

 All our facilities within CTP have established quality system, which is regularly inspected internally by Quality assurance unit and by National Authority and by our customers.
Quality of our services is top priority for all our team members.

 Quality statement

Non-clinical safety studies performed in our facilities are accomplished in compliance with OECD GLP regulations. We focus on compliance with GLP right in the beginning of study preparation. Study plan, study execution and final study report are evaluated taking into account correctness and integrity of acquired data as required by OECD GLP guideline OECD SERIES ON PRINCIPLES OF GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICE AND COMPLIANCE MONITORING. Each and every study is subject to quality inspections in defined critical points performed by Quality Assurance Unit. Test facility and relevant test sites are subject to regular internal audits, covering premises, equipment and processes.

Studies performed in our test facility under GLP support CTA/MA activities of our customers.

Ethical codex

Al animals used in our test facility and test sites are purchased from accredited breeding facilities or from CPT accredited animal husbandry. We act according to 3R principles (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) to reduce both the necessary amount of animals within the study, as well as to reduce suffering and stress of animals due to proper study design. Animal welfare is carefully considered.