The 1st Bilateral Meeting of the Nencki Institute PAN Warsaw and Institute of Physiology CAS Prague

The first bilateral meeting between the Nencki Institute and Institute of Physiology took place on 23th October 2017. Primary aim of this meeting, organized at the Institute of Physiology, was strengthening of the current ties, and networking aimed towards fostering of new collaborations. Both sides plan to promote newly established collaborations between their scientific teams. Ongoing efforts will stem also from activity of directors, who signed Memorandum of understanding between both institutes. Polish delegation included among others Prof. Jerzy Duszynski, the former director of the Nencki Institute and the current head of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), and Prof. Szewczyk, the director of the Nencki Institute. This workshop was organised under the auspices of two programmes of the AV 21 Strategy, namely the programme “QUALITAS – Wellbeing in Health and Disease” and “Preclinical Testing of Potential Pharmaceuticals”.